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Sunday, July 23, 2006

this looks good...

appears to be a witchy authors' group. At least the posts are literate...and I love pink, so it's easthetically pleasing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Finally...Some National Attention for a National Travesty

CNN television covered the Veteran Pentacle Quest today and asks the
public to share their views on this issue.


This morning, a news story on the quest to get the Pentacle on the VA
emblem of beliefs list for markers for deceased veterans was broadcast
worldwide on CNN television on the program, "American Morning."

This story by CNN National Correspondent Bob Franken began with a scene
of Sgt. Patrick Stewart's coffin being carried by soldiers at his
funeral. The story reported that Sgt. Stewart does not have his
memorial plaque because his Wiccan religion and its emblem, the
Pentacle, are not yet recognized by the US Department of Veterans
Affairs. This news story also included photos of Sgt. Stewart and
remarks by his widow Roberta and Rev. Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary.
Bob Franken, standing across the street from the VA headquarters,
concluded his coverage by stating several times that the Wiccan
Pentacle has been pending for 9 years.




Later in the day, the story aired on CNN Headline News, along with
several emails from viewers, including a supporitve one from Sgt.
Stewart's friend Jeremy who was his roommate when they served in
Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

The news anchors asked viewers to share their views about whether or
not the Pentacle should be added to the VA list. Some have already
done this, but more are needed to counter some of the bigoted and
anti-Wiccan emails CNN has gotten.


Please speak out in favor of the Pentacle being added to the VA list.
Here's how:

(1) As soon as possible, go to CNN's FEEDBACK


(2) Scroll down the page and select AMERICAN MORNING.

Specify news story by its title: WICCAN SOLDIER'S WIDOW FIGHTS VA

(4) Specify date of airing: JULY 10, 2006

(5) Share words of support for the VA adding the Pentacle to its
memorial markers emblems of belief list, and check "positive."

(6) Thank CNN for covering this issue and ask for more


Let others know about this latest media coverage and the need to send
comments to CNN about this issue. Post to lists and forward this email
to others you know who might be able to help. Thanks!