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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Irish, With A Twist of Irony

Ah, me. Seems the Mother Church is having a bit of a fit over the celebrations in honor of their venerable 'saint' Patrick. Apparently, they object to the drinkin' and the dancin' and the partyin' during their annual Holier-Than-Thou week. Seems the revelry smells a bit too much like those heathen - dare I say it? - PAGANS.

Pagans, snakes, it's all the same. A bit of historic news flash for ya: the snake is a Celtic symbol of eternal life through reincarnation, and as such is an icon of wisdom. Well, I cannot really say Celtic, 'cause some other cultures use this much-maligned animal to mean much the same. Hm - wonder if that lends any credence to the thought? Apparently, the Catholic Church thinks so - so much that they say that Patrick cleared Ireland of the snakes. People, please. Do you really think this means legless lizards here?

At any rate, I find it a tad funny that they are having a dilemma here. Particularly since their so-called holy week is named such because it contains Easter. Easter...easter eggs? Pagan. Easter bunny? Pagan - duh. Easter = OSTARA. Pagan holiday of FERTILITY and NEW GROWTH. Also known as the vernal (Spring) equinox. See, it makes it easier to convince people to abandon their religion and culture in favor of yours if you only change the names. Those that don't become team players are burnt at the stake or hanged. Would you need much more in the way of motivation?

by the way, the best part of all this business about st. patrick's day is that the Church wants to move celebrations to the 15th. Anyone recall a well-adjusted gentleman by the name of Julius Caesar? No? Google the Ides of March...