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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Which Witch Update

Well, the move to "new" blogger was inevitable and now it seems that switching will be mandatory. I took the liberty of doing the update today, and reworking the old template to work with the new format. Some things were lost in the switch but they can be replaced. Fear not, Sirona, as there are many features in the new template that will make life MUCH easier for code avoiders. When you go into the cutomize menu, you will be able to add things to the sidebars (like new links, pictures, etc.) without having to mess with code at all! There are also a few new things like the "labels" feature. Play around and let me know what you want tweaked. Just for fun I added the spider (below). She can be mesmerizing! -L


Unbiased Astute Observer of Blog Updates (And Tester of Templates) said...

It looks mahvelous! :)

sirona said...

Thanks for taking care of this - you are a dream! And I LOVE the spider...think I'll call her Maeve!

Lily said...

Well I figured you would start getting those "change now or else" messages.
When you go into "settings" choose customize and there you can add elements. Just click and drag to rearrange their order, like if you add two pictures and want to switch them. Just click and drag the element boxes. Any questions, holler.It's actually easier compared to before. They use a "widget" system as opposed to going into the whole template and trying to figure out what to play with.

Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy the weekend.

sirona said...

I rearranged a couple of things, changed some minor colors. I like it!

You enjoy your Mother's Day, too. I have some soaps to make for a girlfriend's shop, now that I finally got the 'scent control' figured out. I made a divine concoction that smells like thin mints!